Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dolls Awards of Excellence Nominees

They've been announced at Dolls Magazine online. Photos of the dolls and a voting ballot will be provided in the August 2009 issue. Here are a few interesting highlights:

Fashion dolls, 12" and under
  • Mystery Alice by Goodreau
  • Empress of the Golden Blossom by Mattel
  • Tout de Suite by Mattel
  • Mitzi by Whitney Stites for the Doll Maker and Friends
  • Dania Zarr Red Zinger by Integrity Toys
Fashion dolls over 12"
  • Glinda by Goodreau
  • Scarlett O'Hara, Christmas with Ashley by Morgan Mint
  • Classic Portrait Joan Crawford by Tonner
  • Seasons by Gregg Ortiz
  • Androgyny Avant Guard by Integrity Toys
Ball-jointed dolls under $200
  • Delilah Noir (Ashton-Drake)
  • Bellatrix Belfry by Goodreau
  • Laughter by Berdine Creedy
  • Ping Li by Senson Ltd
  • Lori by Senson Ltd
Ball-jointed dolls over $200
  • Hint of March Hare (Goodreau)
  • Bubbles by Pat Moulton
  • Gorgeous by Berdine Creedy
  • Precious by Berdine Creedy
  • Ainsley by Kimberly Lasher
Photos courtesy Berdine Creedy and Kim Lasher.

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